Pyrola 2000 pyrolyzer

Pyrol AB produces high precision pyrolyzers for analytical pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis is the thermal degradation of a material in an inert atmosphere, that is without the presence of oxygen. By using pyrolysis a non-volatile material can be analyzed in a gas chromatograph by studying the pyrolysis products, often by mass spectrometry. The samples can be insoluble, dark or inhomogeneous, and include synthetic and natural polymers, like vulcanized rubber, resins and composites. Paper, coal, textiles and paints are all examples of materials that are successfully analysed by analytical pyrolysis.

platinum filament for Pyrola pyrolyzer
Platinum filament in Pyrola pyrolyzer.

Different pyrolyzers use different means of heating, which in turn determines what temperature gradients and heating programmes that are possible. In the Pyrola pyrolyzers the sample is placed directly on a platinum filament, which is heated by a powerful current pulse. This gives maximum flexibility, and possibilities not available to other pyrolyzers. The same piece of sample may be pyrolyzed repeatedly with short heat pulses, with GC runs in-between each pulse. This makes interpretation easier and gives new insights when analysing complex samples.

The distinguishing features of the Pyrola pyrolyzers are:

  1. The sample in direct contact with the heating element. This gives an extremely fast temperature rise time and precise temperature control.
  2. Measurement of the true pyrolysis temperature by two independent methods. 
  3. Unique pyrolysis methods. The analysis of complex samples is facilitated by the methods developed by Pyrol AB, fractionated pyrolysis, thermal desorption, sequential pyrolysis and pyrotomy.
  4. Easy sample handling.
  5. The possibility to remove and reattach the pyrolysis process unit to the GC in seconds.

On our website you can find more information about our products, and the design philosophy behind them. You can find more information about the pyrolysis methods, and about pyrolysis. You can search among scientific publications done with Pyrola pyrolyzers  and ask for application notes. Finally you can find information about our distributors.