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logo IUPACThe terminology used for describing analytical pyrolysis has been standardised by IUPAC, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry; IUPAC recommendations (1993); P.C. Uden, Nomenclature and Terminology for Analytical Pyrolysis, J. Anal. Appl. Pyrol., 31 (1995) 251.

Here are som extracts:

Analytical pyrolysis
The characterization, in an inert atmosphere, of a material or chemical process by a chemical degradation reaction(s) induced by thermal energy.

Filament (ribbon) pyrolyzer
A pyrolyzer in which the sample is placed on a metal filament (ribbon) that is resistively heated to cause pyrolysis.

Isothermal pyrolysis
A pyrolysis during which the temperature is essentially constant.

Fractionated pyrolysis
A pyrolysis in which the same sample is pyrolysed at different temperatures for different times in order to study special fractions of the sample.

Sequential pyrolysis
A pyrolysis in which the same initial sample is repetitively pyrolysed under identical conditions (final pyrolysis temperature, temperature rise time and total heating time).

Temperature rise time (TRT)
The time required for a pyrolyser temperature to be increased from its initial to its final temperature.

Temperature time profile (TTP)
A graphical representation of temperatire versus time for a particular pyrolysis experiment or pyrolyser.