The Pyrola pyrolyzers are designed for usability and flexibility. The sample handling is streamlined and straightforward. The Pyrola process unit can be installed on any GC, and may be removed in seconds should need arise. It can be installed on any injector port, and can be mounted beside an autosampler of moderate size.

Cleaning Pyrola 2000 glass cell by heat
Cleaning glass cell by heating.

No consumables are needed, and no cooling gas. The platinum filament and glass cell are cleaned by heat, and are used over and over again. The instrument is serviceable by the user, for example replacement of a broken filament or sealing septa. After replacing the filament the pyrolysis temperatures are calibrated by the user in a straightforward process.

Since the Pyrola pyrolyzers can pyrolyze the same sample several times, the temperatures can be optimised. There is no need for a cryotrap to focus the pyrolysis products, even for complex samples.