This is what different Pyrola users have said about the Pyrola pyrolyzers.

General experience:

We have used the Pyrola pyrolyzers for many years for characterization of various substances in demanding matrices. At the present we are using two Pyrola 2000-systems. The system is very reliable and versatile and requires a minimum of maintenance, cleaning and spare parts. With the Pyrola 2000 system you can perform all types of pyrolysis experiments e.g. sequential pyrolysis or fractionated pyrolysis with high reproducibility for many years.

Regarding reliability:

Yes I think we will change it more frequently now.  It has been a couple of  years since it was last changed.  It is a very good kit and works well most of the time which means when it does break we do not have a lot of experience in changing seals and things.

A customer's experience in the lab with the Pyrola compared to another pyrolyzer (X):

Since we still like the Pyrola better than X we recommended your instrument. In our experience it is much more robust regarding maintenance, and we recommend it.

 A customers experience in the lab with Pyrola compared to another pyrolyzer (Y) than mentioned above:

I prefer the Pyrola because I get better results from it, meaning easier to interpret and more information containing pyrograms than with Y.

A general reflection:

Basically the Pyrola is a chemists choice. You have great control over sample heating and the small sample size.